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Are you ready to soar to the next level in your life and business?

I can guide you quickly and intentionally to success.

You're In Good Hands

I am passionate about getting you clarity on what you desire in your life and business.  I bring hope and encouragement to focus your action in the direction of your dreams.  Together we will take inventory of of all your supplies: your gifts and talents, your skills and experience, and your desires.  We will also identify the gaps and what you need to transform your life and business.   

I am a licensed Ziglar Coach, with over ten years of experience in online business management, including social media, emails and website management.

Clarity Comes When We Explore

What's going on in your life and business right now?  Let's refine them into some Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). 

Optimizing Creates Magic

With the right online business tools, the right people on your team and priority tasks delegated you can expect to enjoy more flow.

Amplifying Your Good Fortune

Consistent Branding and Marketing on your chosen social media platforms and ongoing community engagement leads to success you desire.

Picture taken at the Ziglar Coaches Summit in Frisco, Texas, June 2021.

​Featured Case Study

Ziglar Inc. Team Support

Meet Angie Crellin (in the middle between my husband and I) she calls me the Queen of Boundaries! I help her at Ziglar to manage her three calendars 📅 and support with enrollment, coaches and other things.  

When I started she was struggling to do all the things by herself and had no one to help build a system to improve the show up rate of booked appointments or retention of coaches.  

I reviewed and refined what was in place.  I added my own systems and created procedures to manage things.  Removing work from her to do list and reminding her of important dates or tasks as needed.

We have reduced the no shows and increased the enrollments.  More coaches are staying also!

I got a thank you card from Angie saying "Thank you for stepping up, smoothing things out, and helping me serve our coaches, prospective coaches, speakers and trainers.  Your professionalism, poise and thoroughness are noticed and appreciated."

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"When God lays something on your heart to do, your only responsibility is to just start.  God doesn't give you the strength to overcome, He gives you the strength while you overcome." -- FRED SMITH